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Southern Seeds Lower Carb

It’s amazingly light, and incredibly tasty, yet retains that hearty Ploughmans’ taste

Olive Oil
Herbs & Garlic

The blend of olive oil, herbs and garlic makes this special limited edition loaf distinctively delicious


We’ve created a subtly sour, slightly tangy flavour for our Ploughmans Sourdough loaf

Soy & Canterbury Linseed

Our Soy & Linseed loaf is light in texture, and delicious in taste.

Country Grains

Just like the bread you’d enjoy down on the farm.

Farmhouse Wholemeal

A thick slice Farmhouse loaf made with the goodness of wholemeal flour.

Harvest Rye

An earthy and honest loaf with a distinctive taste.

Rustic White

A simple white bread baked with South Island rye meal to deliver a real natural taste.